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Do you want to learn to get the best from your camera, improve your photography or learn how to use Lightroom or Photoshop?

I run a number of photography courses, camera courses, Lightroom courses and Photoshop courses in Derbyshire, including Chesterfield, Derby and the Peak District, and also cover South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire.

These courses will help you enjoy your photography to the full by getting the results you want.

Courses are run as group classes or on an individual (one-to-one) basis. So, if you have any particular requirements or any aspect of your photography you need help with please do feel free to contact me and I can tailor a course or workshop to suit your needs.


The Perfect Present!
Any of my camera courses, Lightroom courses or Photoshop courses can be bought as a gift voucher to give as a present to a friend or loved one. Please contact me if you would like to purchase a gift voucher.


The Derbyshire photography courses I have available are:


Lightroom and Photoshop Courses

Photoshop Evening Class - Chesterfield (weekly)

New dates!
Starts: Tuesday 16th January 2018 (for 5 weeks) : 7-9 pm Places available

An evening course to get you started in Photoshop.
£95 (if booked by 1st January) £110 after
More details, dates and booking


Lightroom Evening Class - Chesterfield (weekly)

New dates!
Starts: Thursday 11th January 2018 (for six weeks) : 7-9 pm ) 0 Places available

An evening course to get you up and running in Lightroom.
£110 (if booked by 21st December). £120 after.
More details, dates and booking


Lightroom 1-2-1 Tuition

By arrangement | Contact me to arrange a date

Individual tuition sessions to get you started in Adobe Lightroom or to help you with any particular features.
£49 per session
More details and booking


Get Started in Lightroom

New dates coming soon 

A one-day group course to get you started in Adobe Lightroom.
More details and booking



Camera Courses

Learn Photography Course

New date!
Special Christmas Introductory Offer - Thu 28th December 2017 < 3 PLACES AVAILABLE

A daytime group camera course in which you'll learn the basics of your camera and get plenty of practice as we stroll around your local town.
Fantastic offer - £30 !!
More details and booking


Photography Basics for Beginners - Chesterfield

New dates coming soon 

A group camera course to help you understand your camera and get off 'auto' mode. An ideal first photography course!
£65 (with discounts for early booking)
More details and booking


Digital Photography 1-2-1

By arrangement | Contact me to arrange a date

Personalised, individual tuition sessions to help you understand your camera and improve your photography at your own pace. Ideal for beginners and improvers!
£65 (or £95 for two people)
More details and booking


Night Photography Basics

New dates coming soon for 2018 - Derby 0 PLACES AVAILABLE
New dates coming soon - Chesterfield 0 PLACES AVAILABLE

A town or city walk after dark with hands-on tuition to show you the basics of photographing at twilight or after dark. Beginner level.
More details and booking


If you'd like a digital camera course, photography course, Lightroom course or Photoshop course tailored to your needs,
then contact me now or call 07968 997170.


Here are some reasons why you'll love my photography courses in Derbyshire:

  • I can put things in simple language for you, cutting through the jargon. I spent many years writing for radio and online news sites, so I'm used to keeping it simple and interesting
  • I'll make sure you understand the basics before progressing you to anything more advanced
  • You'll learn the main functions of your camera with ease (you don't actually need every button on your camera!) and help you set it up in a way that works best for you
  • I produce course notes for you so you can practice what you have learnt. The notes are included in the price
  • You can practice as you learn in the field - you won't be stuck in a classroom all day! We'll go out and you can learn by example and by trial and error with me to help you with anything you're unsure about
  • You'll find me patient and I will always take the time to make sure you understand things properly as I am to help you get the best out of your camera, improve your photography skills and enjoy your photography, in all its forms.
  • Personalised 1-2-1 courses will be structured to meet your needs and will move at your pace, while bringing on your understanding at the same time.
  • My times and session lengths are flexible, and the content of any course can be adapted to your experience level and individual requirements.


Here's what they said:

Thank you so much for your help and guidance. I learnt more in a couple of hours with you than I did in months of trying to find my own way with trial and error and the user manual! Your explanations were easy to follow and made so much sense. I know I still have much to learn but simply (finally!) understanding the basic principles has left me feeling so much more confident and excited about using my camera. Thanks again.
Joanne Goode, Derby


I have had Lightroom (LR) for over a year and despite internet tutorials, books and articles I was finding it difficult to get my head around it.  As a result of the sessions that Dave ran I feel more confident in using LR and I have also become efficient in using it. This is because I have set it up to suit my needs and I know what its functionality can do for me.
It is very easy to work with Dave; he puts you at ease and has a good sense of humour. The sessions were well organised and structured and included regular breaks (to allow the info to sink in!) He is attentive and listens to your concerns and questions (of which there were plenty) and he never seems phased by the volume or complexity of queries. He also provides answers in a style that you can understand and apply straight away! He was as enthusiastic at the end of the session as he was at the start. The notes he provided were of superb quality. In fact they are better than any of the books and articles that I have.
I can’t thank Dave enough for helping me get to grips with Lightroom and to fully appreciate the rich functionality it has to offer. I would certainly recommend Dave.

Jonathan Garside, Derbyshire


I had one of Dave's 1-2-1 sessions and I'm so pleased I did. He helped me understand my complicated camera in no time at all. He also showed me how do do all I need using only a few settings without getting too complicated.
Chris Jones, Matlock, Derbyshire


After my sessions with Dave, and in spite of being a complete beginner at the start, I was able to use Lightroom pretty well. And now, a few weeks later, I use it from start to finish, for all aspects of processing my images. I’d never have got as far as this without those sessions.
The sessions themselves were well paced and systematic, taking us through each stage and giving us time to try out all the things that Lightroom does as we went along. Dave explained things very clearly and we were able to ask questions at any point.
I felt Dave was willing to go the extra mile, eg adjusting things for those people with earlier versions of the program and by supplying the comprehensive printed notes which have been really useful, both as a reminder and a point of reference.
There are still things to learn but the training with Dave has proved invaluable.

Colin Bowles, Derbyshire

Dave King Photography Courses. Camera courses, Lightroom Courses, and Photoshop courses in Derby, Chesterfield, the Peak District, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.